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And so it begins....

Updated: Sep 15, 2020

First blog post on my first day of, my #author page.

klevy at work

Like other days I get down to today's writing by surrounding myself with my friendlies -- resources I'm studying, published papers I've collected in a binder for lack of a better place and brought out just in case I need to consult them, a printout of a manuscript I'm writing that I need to read on paper. It's a #tactile thing. I know it is in flagrant violation of high-tech on-screen work habits. Often I like to work live on paper to see how the writing stacks up, catch the weight of it, measure its progress. Old-school.

Is there a cup of tea? Yes, another friendly.

And my laptop and mouse, of course, and a

wallet should I feel the sudden need to buy

something online. That's how I start. Hope to catch you up later.

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