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Updated: Nov 12, 2020

Just finished "The Elephant Whisperer," recommended by a fellow safari member last

February 2020. Read it in a sitting it's so good, the tale of author Lawrence Anthony's life with a herd of traumatized elephants destined for slaughter. But more than his life with them it is the story of his human-animal communication. Is it possible? So many incidents are related that we sense it might be. We meet and get to know Nana, the matriarch, Frankie her sister and "deputy," and the teenage bull Mnumzane, poor fellow, who met an untimely end under questionable circumstances, shot for being rogue.

Anthropomorphic? Maybe. But not more so than the "species-ism" which dictates that humans, only, have the ability to communicate. You decide.

(For shame, Thomas Dunne Books, not such a great copyediting job.)

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