frankgriffin 1930 census.jpg

Top: Frances Griffin family c 1938.

Bottom: Dept. of Commerce Bureau of the Census. Fifteenth Census of the United States: 1930. Population Schedule. Somerville, Mass.. Griffin family lines 37-39. Courtesy K. Griffin


After what seemed like a lifetime writing for other people I like to use the precious gift of time, now, to write about what I know. Me. My family and relationships. What better person than the daughter?

But memory is fuzzy and that's the beauty...and challenge.

I'm a writer, research administrator and volunteer and have worked in business journalism,  academia, education and international  organizations. The interplay of all of these living and working environments has stood me in good stead for exploring new ideas about programs to develop and unusual projects to write about in my work life.

And, now, in the next phase, it serves me well for exploring how the family circle has matured. New needs have come to the forefront while old concerns have evolved or been addressed. Caring for elders. Being in between young and old. The onset of Alzheimer’s Disease. The cycle of family and the blossoming of prospects. How to capture that? What was the story? Who writes it? Who better to chronicle the adventures of the far past along with the happy and sad of the near past, than one who lived it?


Memoir -- the tale of my mother's decline into dementia, "Alzheimer's Fantasy in the Key of G", releases May 26th.